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RedCap InfoTech is a local, competitive, responsive and knowledgeable supplier of Essential Goods and Services for Retail & Hospitality Businesses.


Paper Straws
  • CASH ROLLS – Bond, Thermal and Carbonless, for debit machines, kitchen printers, bar printers, customer receipts and table covers.
  • NAPKIN WRAPS – Napkins, Doilies, Placemats – Branded and Stock
  • OFFICE PAPER – Menu & Signage Printing Systems & Media
  • MAG CARDS – Plastic & Paper Cards for Locks, Entrances, Loyalty and Gift Cards
  • PAPER STRAWS – Environmentally Friendly Paper Straws, Take Out Containers, Cups, Lids and Paper Bags

Systems & Solutions

Debt Solution/credit
  • PRINTER SYSTEMS – inclusive of inks, toners, drums and ribbons.
  • POS SYSTEMS – for a variety of retail industries.
  • MOBILE APPS – so your customers can buy your goods and services on-line.
  • PAYMENT SOLUTIONS – Online, Integrated, Semi-Integrated, Mobile Payment Solutions for debit/credit cards.
  • TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS – Computers (Laptops, Desktop and Servers) and Peripherals.
  • HANDYMAN SERVICES – Table Leveling, Table & Chair Repairs, Tile & Floor Repair and other repairs to ensure Department of Agriculture compliance.